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How to make SHOUTcast work in Streamtuner

One of my favorite applications in Linux is Streamtuner. I think, it’s the best application of its kind. You can browse all the radio streams provided by popular services as basic.ch, punkcast.com, Google Stations, SHOUTcast and Xiph, Live365. Streams are groupped by genre, but you can search through them. If you refresh the list, you can see the songs played at the moment, and choose between them, you can even record any stream (and they are saved as apart songs from most of the streams, if they are tag capable – I mean, if you can see the title of the song in your player), but for doing so you must install streamripper (it’s present in the repositories of almost all linux distributions).
As you may know, SHOUTcast recently changed their site structure, and sadly, you no longer can refresh their stream list in streamtuner.
A solution is to patch the sources, although there is no patch available.
My solution is easier, and works, at least Citește în continuare

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