Libertatea presei în America: copiii directorului CNBS au fost uciși la o zi de la …

Directorul CNBS chiar a crezut în libertatea presei atunci când a publicat despre o chestie murdară în care sunt implicate persoane de rang foarte înalt.

După o zi, copiii săi au fost găsiți uciși.

Imediat după asta, articolul incomod a dispărut de pe site-ul CNBS. Ca să nu moară copiii altor angajați CNBS în cea mai democratică țară din lume.

În Libia tiranului Muammar Gaddafi nu a murit niciun jurnalist ucis. Colonelul zicea: „Poți să-i iai omului orice, dar nu ai dreptul să te atingi de limba lui.”

Totuși trebuie să recunoaștem un lucru. Dacă în Rusia sunt uciși jurnaliștii, în SUA sunt uciși copiii jurnaliștilor.


  1. Posted 6 noiembrie, 2012 at 10:18 pm | Permalink | Răspunde

    Se pare că e falsă știrea. Am primit acest comment la share-ul acestui articol:

    ” Putin research si se elucideaza conspiratia ca fiind de fapt PR stunt pentru firma de avocati care se ocupa cu scam-uri in general.

    Citez comentariul care mi s-a parut ca explica de fapt ce s-a intamplat si cum s-au legat de fapt 2 lucruri complet fara legatura:

    This blog post shows deep ignorance. All the major news orgs indiscriminately publish wire stories from AP, AFP, Reuters, and PR News Wire. The latter is not in the same category as the others: rather it’s a pay to play service that anyone can pay money to in order to have their press release published. (I’ve considered paying them for that very thing, in order to increase the ranking of my company’s website.) The screenshots from CNBC are of a PR News Wire press release. It is not a news story. It’s a press release authored by the lawyer that filed the case.

    I must admit, I’ve used that tactic before: if I find an AP article that is pro-conservative, I’ll pick a phrase, Google it along with MSNBC to find the URL of where MSNBC published it. Then I post the link to MSNBC’s site because it gives it extra legitimacy if it looks like a far-left news org published a pro-right piece, even though it was the news wire, not the news org itself that wrote.

    I think the author of this post is perhaps confusing CNBC and MSNBC. MSNBC is the far-left news org. CNBC is a business TV channel that is not very partisan.

    In any case, if I were CNBC or Fox Business Network, I would pull that embarrassment of a press release from my website as soon as I became aware that it had been routinely posted off the wire. What an absurd piece! $43 trillion! Racketeering! No details of any wrong-doing, just fuzzy allegations. Classic, classic lawyer PR grab to try to pump up their own fame.

    After doing some research, it appears that the lawyer that filed this lawsuit is quite the piece of work. He’s been defrauding innocent victims for quite a while, a real snake oil salesman. His MO is to do clever marketing to them to make them think that with the financial scandals that are happening (which are legit) that they might be owed money and not have to repay their mortgages after all. He gets them to pre-pay him a chunk of money for „expenses” which he uses to live large and then he either never files the suit or doesn’t pursue it with any seriousness.

    In fact, he’s had such a history of doing this that:
    1. His law license in his home state of California has been revoked.
    2. He was raided by CA law enforcement and is being prosecuted for fraud related to this and similar cases.
    3. He has just changed the name of his firm from „Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP” to „Spire Law Group”, presumably to avoid people Googling his history of scamming.

    Here’re some substantiating links:

    The press release on PR NewsWire/CNBC is so poorly written and contains no real allegation of wrongdoing (it only lists a bunch of impressive sounding laws that were supposedly violated) that I had to Google the pop term „Bankster” to figure out what the lawyer was trying to allege. I think he was trying to say that he was going to sue the banks because of the LIBOR fixing scandal. There are genuine news articles out there which talk about this scandal and describe it well, pulling no punches:

    So yes, it’s a real scandal. But this press-release’ing lawyer is nothing but a scam artist preying on innocent victims. This is doubly disgusting because the people he’s targeting are already in financial straits. I hope he ends up in jail the way he deserves along with the LIBOR fixing bankers.

    And then this blogpost goes on to try to tie it all to a deranged nanny who kills two kids?? What’s that supposed to imply? There’s no logic or facts given: only vague innuendo.”

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