How to install OpenStack Dashboard (horizon) for Cactus

OpenStack Dashboard is poorly documented. Nevertheless, here you will get it working. This solution works for StackOps distribution too:

# First: install dependencies:
apt-get install -y git bzr python-setuptools python-pytools python-django
# Change to /opt/ directory and create the necessary directories:
cd /opt/
mkdir openstack-dashboard
cd openstack-dashboard
bzr init-repo .
bzr branch lp:horizon
cd horizon/


# revert it to revision 46, which works with cactus and doesn't need keystone.
bzr revert -r 46
sudo bash


# If the previous step is successful, edit the settings:
vi openstack-dashboard/local/
# Replace these with values from your novarc file:
NOVA_DEFAULT_ENDPOINT = 'http://localhost:8773/services/Cloud' # EC2_URL
NOVA_PROJECT = 'admin' # project name, usually part of EC2_ACCESS_KEY, after : .


# prepare the dashboard
cd openstack-dashboard/
source .dashboard-venv/bin/activate
tools/ dashboard/ syncdb
# create a user which you will use to login to your nova page.


tools/ dashboard/ runserver <ip-address>:8222
 # Now go to your browser and point to <ip-address>:8222

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